FAVORITE MOMENTS #5: Multitasking …my way of life

Time of another favorite moment of mine. I guess you all know that feeling of ‘I don’t have time to relax …even though I want to’. Well that’s kinda the way my whole life has been like. Always way to many hobbies that I just can’t seem to find the free time to just chill (and believe me I love to just chill).

“..perfect way of relaxing..”

Well, my solution is multitasking! Whenever you see me drinking coffee I often work on my laptop at the same time or reviewing the photos on my camera. For me that’s the perfect way of relaxing; have a nice drink and doing the thing I love. It may sound strange, but multitasking (drinking coffee outdoor and working at the same time) became one of my favorite moments.

…Sound familiar to you?