Street style: Loose fit fashionista, Amsterdam

loose fit women street style amsterdam | THE-VIEWFINDER-0337title

When thinking of a feminine look there’s a big chance a tight and slim outfit crosses your mind. This woman, spotted at the canals of Amsterdam, shows such a feminine appearance without the tightness. She´s wearing this great loose fit outfit, while retaining the feminine picture.

Street style: Subtle mint, New York

mint cream street style new york | ©THE-VIEWFINDER-7428-title

“..I’m visiting New York for work..unfortunately”

I approached this fashionista in front of Starbucks, just after I picked up a coffee, and she told me she was in New York for only a few days to assist a store opening …but wished she could stay in New York a bit longer.

Street style: Cropped & sporty fashionista, Amsterdam

croptop sporty street style amsterdam | THE-VIEWFINDER-0369-title2

I never know when to spot someone …this time I was already packing my stuff to go home and then I saw this girl. I like this look because it has an overall sporty vibe but the look itself isn’t typically sport. Where I normally see tight sport-pants I now see a denim one. This girl was a bit surprised to be approach but had no problem with posing.

Street style: White shirt, Amsterdam

white shirt women street style amsterdam | THE-VIEWFINDER-0253-title2

“You’re THE VIEWFINDER …right?”

Sometimes you don’t need to wear a lot of pieces to make an interesting look. This fashionista shows a nice look by only using Dr. Martens and a white shirt. A nice woman who apparently already knew me because I’ve shot her before in the past.