Favorite moments: Best place I blogged

blogging ny THE VIEWFINDER

“Combine that with your fave coffee flavour and voila”

With 100% certainty I can say that blogging in New York, especially a Starbucks with a good view on the always busy streets, is the best place I blogged. Why? Well I think it has to do with the fact that I’m surrounded with life …and by life I mean the life I need: fashionistas, gents, architecture, signs, sounds, working people, stories, interesting and contrasting street moments. Combine that with your fave coffee flavour and voila …I got myself the place to work.

I found working here just perfect, starting the day with a nice breakfast and coffee while checking the latest and posting new stuff for you guys. While working I got energized by only looking outside; the people, the traffic …all great moments to capture. So every day I couldn’t wait to finish my daily posts and grab my beloved camera and hit the streets!

Of course back in The Netherlands I also got these moments and places, but it just not that great as I experienced in New York …so can’t wait to go back again.

Travel: Japan …a bit homesick


Even though I’m not from Japan I still feel a bit homesick after my last visit. Back then I was totally into Japan …its culture, manga, music, games and movies …not to mention the streetview and food. Even had plans of emigrating to Japan .

starbucks-shibuya THE VIEWFINDER
Totally my fav Starbucks ever on Shibuya Crossing
Signs and advertisement always make an interesting background

Now that I’m active with photography my next visit to Japan would still be very interesting. Lots of fashion, street moments and colours to photograph. Also the camera gear over there is great. So it would only sound logical to go to Japan for my next trip.

If you guys have any tips for my next visit to Japan (not sure when) share it. Thx!

Why I post less frequently lately …

bit occupied illustration by Kevin van Diest | THE VIEWFINDER

Sorry guys, I know I’ve been a bit absent lately. Normally I post more frequent and nowadays I try to do every day. Besides my day-job I’m occupied with shoots, meetings and preps for the holiday trip. Also because of the heat it isn’t that interesting to shoot on the streets, as I posted earlier here. So now you know ^_^

Street style: Foreign blogger at Starbucks, Amsterdam

fashionable blogger street style amsterdam fashion | ©THE VIEWFINDER-6696 title

While I was enjoying my coffee at Starbuck and doing some blogging on my MacBook I spotted this woman. She was with her also nice looking friends and as they left I nicely asked this friendly person next to me to watch my stuff and I just run after her. When I approached her she was very friendly and willing …appeared to be a fellow-blogger, so it was fun.

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FAVORITE MOMENTS #5: Multitasking …my way of life

multitasking personal photography blog | ©THE VIEWFINDER

Time of another favorite moment of mine. I guess you all know that feeling of ‘I don’t have time to relax …even though I want to’. Well that’s kinda the way my whole life has been like. Always way to many hobbies that I just can’t seem to find the free time to just chill (and believe me I love to just chill).

“..perfect way of relaxing..”

Well, my solution is multitasking! Whenever you see me drinking coffee I often Continue reading “FAVORITE MOMENTS #5: Multitasking …my way of life”

EVENT: Fashionchick Redesign Launch

Fashionchick Redesign Launch banner copyright THE-VIEWFINDER

Last friday Fashionchick launched their redesign and of course they celebrated it with a nice party in Amsterdam and ask me to do the event photography. I always like shooting their events because we go along so well and therefore have so much fun.

It was really great seeing of the lovely women of Fashionchick again and celebrating their website redesign. Besides the redesign there was also the first preview ever of the Continue reading “EVENT: Fashionchick Redesign Launch”