Gear review: Canon EOS 5D mark IV

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canon eos 5d mark IV review

Again I was invited by Canon NL for a visit to their headquarters for a hands-on review of their most popular DSLR’s successor, Canon EOS 5D mark IV.

The Canon 5D mark III already was a great allround camera for most professionals and now they upgraded it to a new level, by adding the Dual Pixel sensor (known from both the 80D and 1DX mark II), 30 Megapixels and 4K video. The camera performs faster, especially with Live View and has some body improvements. Now the mic and phones input can be found underneath the same flap and an extra button has been added to quickly select the focus selection area. Also is it possible to shoot with Dual Pixel RAW which ad some extra options when editing your photos on your pc.

Unfortunately this visit was a hands-on review only because this was still a secret review at that time. Canon only allowed us to shoot inside this room we were in.

In short, this upgrade is a nice one ….the camera is faster overall, has a fully functional touch display and the sensor is now more sensitive for light.

(sorry for the bad picture quality …had to use my phone for this quick snap)

Down below is a review video (Dutch only) from Kamera Express in which I present the 5D mark IV:

(video is property of Kamera Express)

Street style: Japanese menswear, New York

Japanese menswear NY THE VIEWFINDER

Met this great guy together with his friend (which I also shot, click here for her look) from Japan who was in New York for his study ..apparently something to do with fashion. Being a fan of Japan it’s always nice meeting Japanese people and ask them about their interest and of course Japan itself…even try to properly great them in Japanese^_^.

Personal: Becoming a father ….

Liv newborn - copyright THE VIEWFINDER STUDIO-2437

It’s been a more quite on the blog lately …sorry for that people. In case you missed it my wife gave birth to a beautiful (like for real!) little girl so I spend more time on being a father than blogging. As soon as I get some more free time I’ll post on a more regular basis. Still have some nice shoots ready to be published so stay tuned!

Of course we did a newborn shoot with my little girl, so for those who like to see my daughter please visit my Dutch website THE VIEWFINDER STUDIO.

Street style: Boyish look, Amsterdam

boyish look amsterdam THE VIEWFINDER

Maybe this will sound a bit strange but a boyish look doesn’t have to look unflattering. This woman for instance has a boyish look but doesn’t make her less attractive or even less feminine …at least thats how I see it.

boyish look amsterdam THE VIEWFINDER-9887

Street style: White menswear, New York

white menswear THE VIEWFINDER

White menswear isn’t something I see often on the streets …and I have to admit that this guy’s look was a clever choice because it was quite hot that day on the streets of Manhattan. I wanted to swap my all black look for his that day.

white menswear THE VIEWFINDER