FAVORITE MOMENTS #5: Multitasking …my way of life

multitasking personal photography blog | ©THE VIEWFINDER

Time of another favorite moment of mine. I guess you all know that feeling of ‘I don’t have time to relax …even though I want to’. Well that’s kinda the way my whole life has been like. Always way to many hobbies that I just can’t seem to find the free time to just chill (and believe me I love to just chill).

“..perfect way of relaxing..”

Well, my solution is multitasking! Whenever you see me drinking coffee I often Continue reading “FAVORITE MOMENTS #5: Multitasking …my way of life”

PERSONAL: Frame it!

frame your photos 2 | ©THE VIEWFINDER

“..even more professional..”

I’ve taken so many photo’s since I started the blog and even before that, but never really framed one. So I decided to frame two photographs (see picture above), because I still had two empty frames hanging above my working desk. Since the moment that I decided to frame some I searched for the suitable shots, which represent my street style and street photography activities. The right one has never been published on the blog by the way, because I saved it especially for this frame.

It may sound cliche but framing your photographs is so Continue reading “PERSONAL: Frame it!”

PERSONAL : The art of lens-switching

lens changing | ©THE VIEWFINDER

“..use it in your advantage”

Lens switching  …why this topic?  Well, I tell you why. For those who don’t own more than one camera body, changing lenses can be necessary. Of course that’s not a problem, however being outdoor it can be … because when changing lenses the sensor of your camera can get dusty (holding lenses and a camera at the same time is hard). Continue reading “PERSONAL : The art of lens-switching”

PERSONAL : My workflow on the go

Smartphone apps, tablets and free public wifi makes blogging more fun and easy to do. When I’m writing a blog post, doing some illustration or need to be inspired the best place for me to go to would be a coffeehouse. Of course I prefer Starbucks. It’s my favorite place because, beside the coffee and atmosphere, it appeals to lots of interesting people: business people, travelers/ tourists, bloggers and fashionistas. Continue reading “PERSONAL : My workflow on the go”