Personal: Wall decoration review

After already reviewing Saal Digital their photo album I got to review their wall decoration, so I decided to go for the standard family portrait. I ordered the Ali-Dibond which comes with great detail and sharpness. It’s quite solid and lightweight and really thin when it hangs on the wall.

I’m really satisfied with this quality and there are many materials to choose from …I wanted to go for an affordable yet good quality and thin wall decoration.

IMG_1204 IMG_1202 IMG_1205

Follow my YouTube Channel


Hey people, a different post this time. I decided to be more active on my YouTube Channel again so definitely check out my Channel: THE VIEWFINDER STUDIO YouTube Channel

On my channel you’ll find video about;

  • my activities as both photographer and camera gear reviewer for Kamera Express
  • bloopers of course
  • the workshops I do
  • photography/ camera trends
  • tutorials/ tips
  • photography hacks

For now I’m still doing the videos in Dutch, but if want my videos with English subs please let me know.

Personal: Meeting DigitalRev …finally!

the viewfinder meets digitalrev

“There I was ….like a groupie”

For years I’ve watched their review videos on YouTube and really became a fan of their work. I’m talking about DigitalRev. Yesterday I finally met them at Photokina! That deserves a blogpost.

There I was strolling the scene and suddenly I spotted them …Kai, Lok and Warren. I immediately approached them (kinda screwing up their moment of not-being-spotted-yet) like some crazy fan but their reaction was really cool. They spend time with me …we had a nice talk about DigitalRev, Kai moving to London, newcomers at the Photokina and even my work/reviews for Kamera Express. The great thing is that they are so friendly, not arrogant even though they’re quite the review channel. Known worldwide and worked with celebs in the world of photography. It felt like I’ve known them for years (in fact I do but only through their videos that is) so I wanted to stroll the Photokina together with them ….but of course that would be strange to them, like in a stalker way.

Unfortunately I only had my smartphone with me so these pictures aren’t that great …but hey I got pictures so it happend! ^_^

Personal: Becoming a father ….

Liv newborn - copyright THE VIEWFINDER STUDIO-2437

It’s been a more quite on the blog lately …sorry for that people. In case you missed it my wife gave birth to a beautiful (like for real!) little girl so I spend more time on being a father than blogging. As soon as I get some more free time I’ll post on a more regular basis. Still have some nice shoots ready to be published so stay tuned!

Of course we did a newborn shoot with my little girl, so for those who like to see my daughter please visit my Dutch website THE VIEWFINDER STUDIO.

Personal: Gear reviewer …a suitable job!

new job reviewer

Hey people …I recently started a new job opportunity at the largest photography specialist of The Netherlands, Kamera Express. A job that’s make it possible for me to be busy with photography/ video gear every day of the week ….(and yes, getting payed to do so). This way I’m not only busy with photography itself, but also with the more technical side of it.

To make it even more interesting I’m also the presentor/ reviewer for their YouTube channel, for which I review the latest gear both photography and video (Dutch only). I’d say this is quite a suitable job for me;)
(still a bit new with reviewing in front of a camera …so please be gentle with me when watching the videos^_^)

The reason I decided to share this news with you guys is to explain my low acitivity on the blog lately …also been busy shooting more for our Dutch website THE VIEWFINDER STUDIO.

Expanding business: THE VIEWFINDER STUDIO

expanding services THE VIEWFINDER STUDIO

“Need a photographer for wedding, loveshoots, newborn and more?”

Hey people, I wanted to expand my photography business for a while now. So decided to start THE VIEWFINDER STUDIO together with my wife. Don’t worry, THE VIEWFINDER will remain its content and style.

THE VIEWFINDER is about street style, fashion, events and street photography …mixed with my personal posts. Under our other label THE VIEWFINDER STUDIO we’ll be offering loveshoots, wedding, newborn and (family) portrait photography.

Do you need a photographer or perhaps know someone who needs one? Contact us!

Visit our other website:

Personal: We’re expecting a little one!


Finally I can share this awesome news with you guys! We’re pregnant! We’re so happy and sometimes I still can’t believe this is really happening. I think every parent-to-be (active on the net) wil come across the same question: “How do we announce our pregnancy?” A picture of little shoes? Or hands on belly? …… Luckily this was an easy question for me and my wife to answer: Let’s make our photograph at our Starbucks store!

We often share our fav beverage together at Starbucks, just the two of us, our moment. Now if everything goes well those moments will soon be history as a third ‘cup’ will be ordered ^_^.