PERSONAL : Street photographers inspiration

I want to share some interesting videos/ interview articles of street photographers I came across on the internet. To me these are interesting and stimulating for becoming a better street photographer. So, my advice would be ‘Go check them out’.

Rangefinders on the streets
In this video featuring Chris Weeks and his fellow shooters Severin Koller, Frank Jackson and Mario Anzuoni share there experiences and point of view on street photography and the use of a rangefinder. Even though this video was posted about 2 years ago, it still is interesting and useful:

Shot from the hip
Zeno Watson is a photographer who like to shoot candid from the hip. Check out his way of street photography in this video.

Eric Kim
One of my favorite street photographer at the moment is Eric Kim, a funny guy who travels around the world for street photography workshops. Unfortunatelly never had the pleasure of meeting him in person …but hey, maybe we will in the future! Take a look at his way of shooting close up: