New York streets: The cozy face of NY

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Even though New York is such a large city, a business city with its Wall Street, it does has its cozy face. I like those streets that has some trees in it, just to get that bit of shadow and cosiness. Some of the familiar districts with lots of green are Greenwich Village and Williamsburg. Of course you can find some nice streets scattered over Manhattan as well …but then you really have to look for them (which I did of course). Try visiting those streets at night or sunset because then it’s even nicer.

New York streets: Reflecting lights

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New York really is a beautiful city and especially at night. I just loved wandering around at night, alone with my camera and my thoughts. Without even realizing I walked block after block after block. One thing I, as a photographer, really like in this city is the reflecting lights in the water on the streets …it doubles the light and colours of this amazing city. It just gives the buildings that nice color scheme at night.


New York streets: Reflecting glass

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These great looking glass buildings make such an interesting view. Not only do they reflect the surrounding buildings but also the light of the sky so the streets between these high buildings just get that extra bit of light. And believe me some streets are quite dark even during a sunny day because of the shadow.

New York streets: Helmets on bicycle

helmets bicycle new york streets | ©THE-VIEWFINDER-6803-title

One thing that I noticed ..something I don’t see in Amsterdam is the use of helmets on bicycles in New York. By that I don’t mean fashionable ones but the real deal. I do have to say that it’s New York we’re talking about so it’s kinda logical because of the traffic ….I’ve seen it, cycling on those streets could be quite the challenge!