M°BA: Graduationshow

This fashion show displayed the final pieces of RijnIJssel Graduates, which was quite good. Is was nice seeing all the different styles of the graduates and their theme. Of course there were some that didn’t appeal to me, but that’s just  personal preference and taste right. The show good and well organized with I think real models and some amateur ones. Take a look at the slideshows below.

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“When will they be on the streets?”

Now I’m curious when I’ll be seeing these design, or just little parts of in on the streets. Most of it really were wearable designs, which will be noticed on the streets in a good way. I have to keep in mind that these designs where presented by a model mostly, so that’s not the way I get them presented on the streets. In my opinion, for showing that professional high-end fashion, one needs a real model …one who knows how to present it. Some amateur (I think) ones didn’t do the design any justice, which was a pity and probably something that could be prevented by using a real model.

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  1. Mooie foto’s heb je gemaakt! Ik vroeg me af of je misschien nog meer foto’s hebt gemaakt, zoals van de collectie van Ilfa Siebenhaar. Ik liep namelijk voor haar en het zou tof zijn als er zulke foto’s van de collectie zijn gemaakt.

    1. Hi Janne, thanks! Sorry die van jou is niet goed geschoten helaas ..dus vandaar dat dit ook niet op het blog staat. En verder zijn de foto’s in deze post slechts een selectie, het werd anders wel echt te veel.

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