REDKEN’s 50 Shades of Inspiration

I recently visited a private show ’50 Shade of Inspiration’ by REDKEN 5th Avenue NYC, a well-known brand in hair-products and also used during the MOBA13 fashion shows. In addition to normal fashion shows, this one was more interactive. Kris Sorbie presented how several hairstyles we’re made and even revealed some of their special techniques …quite interesting. Continue reading “REDKEN’s 50 Shades of Inspiration”

M°BA Fashionshow: A designer’s pride

MOBA designers pride | ©The Viewfinder

After the Best of MBO fashion show I spotted a few models walking through the crowd with the designer herself with them so I asked them to pose for me. Immediately the designer stepped aside for the models to be shot,. However I asked her to get into the shot, with the models and her designs behind her.

Designer: Rixt Rooks

M°BA: Fetishism in Fashion, Arnhem

Fetishism in Fashion, an amazing fashion design exhibition at M°BA Centraal. It exist of 13 chambers of very interesting ways of fetishism from all around the world. Nomadism, Nopponism, Nudism and Sado Masochism are some of those ways. The biggest part of the designs is made by unknown designers, who are more extreme and conceptual. Nevertheless, some well-known designers made quite some interesting design. For instance Continue reading “M°BA: Fetishism in Fashion, Arnhem”