M°BA Fashionshow: A designer’s pride

MOBA designers pride | ©The Viewfinder

After the Best of MBO fashion show I spotted a few models walking through the crowd with the designer herself with them so I asked them to pose for me. Immediately the designer stepped aside for the models to be shot,. However I asked her to get into the shot, with the models and her designs behind her.

Designer: Rixt Rooks

M°BA: Rock style

Spotted this guy even before the fashion show started at the entrance and later that evening on the third row. Of course I had to shot him, so I approached him to take these photographs of him in front of this white wall to enhance the contrast ..unfortunately another photographer saw me shooting him and wanted to take some too. But luckily this rock styled guy was totally focused on me. Continue reading “M°BA: Rock style”

M°BA: Graduationshow

This fashion show displayed the final pieces of RijnIJssel Graduates, which was quite good. Is was nice seeing all the different styles of the graduates and their theme. Of course there were some that didn’t appeal to me, but that’s just  personal preference and taste right. The show good and well organized with I think real models and some amateur ones. Take a look at the slideshows below. Continue reading “M°BA: Graduationshow”

M°BA: The Mood Room

“Getting in the mood already?”

I really suggest everyone to go visit the exhibition at M°BA HQ, because it really is interesting and eye opening (to me at least). First start in the basement where you’ll find the Mood Room, that way you’ll be better prepared and more openminded to see the next floors. I decided to share a bit of the Mood Room through the photographs below. Keep in Continue reading “M°BA: The Mood Room”