Personal: Meeting DigitalRev …finally!

“There I was ….like a groupie”

For years I’ve watched their review videos on YouTube and really became a fan of their work. I’m talking about DigitalRev. Yesterday I finally met them at Photokina! That deserves a blogpost.

There I was strolling the scene and suddenly I spotted them …Kai, Lok and Warren. I immediately approached them (kinda screwing up their moment of not-being-spotted-yet) like some crazy fan but their reaction was really cool. They spend time with me …we had a nice talk about DigitalRev, Kai moving to London, newcomers at the Photokina and even my work/reviews for Kamera Express. The great thing is that they are so friendly, not arrogant even though they’re quite the review channel. Known worldwide and worked with celebs in the world of photography. It felt like I’ve known them for years (in fact I do but only through their videos that is) so I wanted to stroll the Photokina together with them ….but of course that would be strange to them, like in a stalker way.

Unfortunately I only had my smartphone with me so these pictures aren’t that great …but hey I got pictures so it happend! ^_^