Gear review: Panasonic Lumix LX15

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“A camera that almost made me start vlogging!”

Vlogging really is a trend at the moment, shooting video in a selfy-mode with a compact camera and sharing it through YouTube. Now Panasonic has a new premium compact camera that’s perfectly suitable for vlogging, the Lumix LX15.

Of course the Lumix LX15 still is a camera for photography, with a 20 Megapixels 1″ sensor that delivers great quality photos. Also the dynamic range of this sensor is great and the noise performance is acceptable.To make it even better you get a Leica 24-72mm f1.4 lens with aperture ring on it! After shooting with this camera for a while I must say that the Auto Focus is quick with fast shutter response. More impressive is the AF-tracking during burst shooting (up to 50 fps!), hands down one of the best I’ve seen ….and now even on such a small yet great camera!
Furthermore, the camera has the Panasonic 4K-Photo feature ….a feature that uses stills from a 4K video. Really awesome. For instance with Post Focus you can now take a picture and afterwards select your focus.

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The video on this camera is so good. You can record 4K video 100mbs 30p internally and Full HD 120p for great slowmotion. Combining the 1″ sensor and f1.4 lens the video quality is sharp, nice depth of field with good dynamic range. Using this camera for a few days I have to admit that I almost came to the point to start vlogging, because it’s just so good. The awesome Auto Focus is noticeable during video, with face detection and tracking it’s now so easy to make a good quality vlog/ video.

The flip screen on the back works great, for both photography and video. Also the touch-function works perfect for selecting and moving your AF-point or just simply go through your photos or the menu.

Of course this camera has WiFi connectivity, so you can share you pics and video on social media through your phone and even remotely control the camera.

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