Gear review: Panasonic Lumix G80

“ you’re holding a GH4..”

For those who shoot video the Lumix GH4 must be a wellknown camera and now Panasonic has released a new camera, G80. Looking at the name it should sound like the successor of the G7, however I think it’s more like the GH4.

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The first thing that crossed my mind when shooting with the G80 was the weight (quite light) combined with the great grip that comes with the battery grip. It’s such a nice camera to shoot with …both photos and videos. The flipscreen with touch function works really good, I almost shot everything using this screen instead of the viewfinder. Focus is easily to adjust and works fast.

The already known 4K Photo modus of Lumix is also available on this new camera, now even expanded with Focus Stacking and Post Focus. I really think Panasonic is quite innovitive …using their 4K video so smart for photography. Even though it only delivers 8 Megapixels photos, still the feature is unique and adds a bit of extra to photography nowadays. The lowpass filter has been removed so photos are razor sharp without to much moire effect.
One thing that really stand out for me is the AF-tracking combined with burst mode ….it got 95% in focus!

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The video functionality on this G80 makes it feel like you’re holding a GH4, awesome 4K 100Mbs 30p and 4:2:2 8bit both external and internal! For those who aren’t familiar with these term, the video is really advanced compared to┬áthe competitors. Of course there’s an external mic input for those who like to use and external microphone for even beter sound quality.

However, there are some things I’d like Panasonic to improve on it’s successor. For starters the buttons on the back can’t be recognize easily by touch only …I often found myself feeling/searching for the right button when using the viewfinder. Often I couldn’t find the right button. It all feels the same.
Another thing is the shutter button on the battery grip, it’s place quite clumsy …when shooting landscape I often pressed this button with the palm of my hand by accident. So when shooting landscape I decided to turn the battery grip off.
One last small thing is the peep sound. When using the viewfinder my ear is quite near the peep speaker on the back of the camera, so using peep when shooting with the viewfinder really is a no-go.

Down below is the video review I did for Kamera Express (Dutch only).

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