EVENT : Urban Outfitters Opening Press Preview

I had the pleasure to visit the Urban Outfitters Opening Press Preview in Amsterdam. Awesome ….that’s the word to describe the opening of Urban Outfitters Amsterdam. I kinda had my expectation, because I recently visited Urban Outfitters Antwerp (great store), but still it surprises me in a positive way! How? I’ll tell you …

The size

The store is huge, I mean for real. It has two entries to begin with, the Kalverstraat and Rokin and 3 floors! The thing I really like in this store, besides the awesome products/ merchandise, is the urban look and feel. Brick walls, illustration/graffiti and typography all over the please added by nice lighting.


The products

I don’t have to mention that they sell clothing right …but they also sell awesome books, LP’s, gadgets, merchandise ..you name it. Not just like 5 items or something, but like real full merchandise and music departments inside the store.

The experience

This store offers some services to enhance the Urban experience. For instance the present iMac’s that you can use just to surf, or the LP-player to listen to some music while your friend is shopping for clothes ….and end the visit with a lovely souvenir by taking a photo in the photo-booth.

A gift by Urban Outfitters

Found myself an awesome coat …..so I took that one with me! A great gift!

What do you think? Screams for a visit right?!