Personal: Becoming a father ….

Liv newborn - copyright THE VIEWFINDER STUDIO-2437

It’s been a more quite on the blog lately …sorry for that people. In case you missed it my wife gave birth to a beautiful (like for real!) little girl so I spend more time on being a father than blogging. As soon as I get some more free time I’ll post on a more regular basis. Still have some nice shoots ready to be published so stay tuned!

Of course we did a newborn shoot with my little girl, so for those who like to see my daughter please visit my Dutch website THE VIEWFINDER STUDIO.

Personal: We’re expecting a little one!


Finally I can share this awesome news with you guys! We’re pregnant! We’re so happy and sometimes I still can’t believe this is really happening. I think every parent-to-be (active on the net) wil come across the same question: “How do we announce our pregnancy?” A picture of little shoes? Or hands on belly? …… Luckily this was an easy question for me and my wife to answer: Let’s make our photograph at our Starbucks store!

We often share our fav beverage together at Starbucks, just the two of us, our moment. Now if everything goes well those moments will soon be history as a third ‘cup’ will be ordered ^_^.


Personal: Sorry guys, be back soon…

back-soon the viewfinder moving

Sorry guys …Lately I’ve been quite busy with moving to a new house …these upcoming days the official moving takes place which consumes almost all my free time so I’m afraid you won’t be seeing any new post this week. But as soon as I moved to my new crib (next week) I’ll post new street style and street moments again.

Can’t wait to blog from my new crib (….in-house studio!).

Personal: On the move….

moving the viewfinder illustration packing

The upcoming days I’ll be busy packing my stuff as I am moving to another house …one that has more space. It’s nice going through my stuff, old photo albums and illustrations. Look forward to blogging and working from my new crib. And believe me it’s gonna be great (….pssstt, my own studio!)

Personal: Working with motivated people …

jill and kevin shoot | ©THE VIEWFINDER

“It’s dry now so let’s go back to shooting”

Last weekend I had such a great time with my friend Jill during our shoot, only this time we got interrupted… During the shoot we got interrupted by an awful rain storm! One that suddenly appeared so we had to rush our way towards this nearby bridge for shelter.  And as we were on our way home the rain stopped ….so we both decided to turn around and go back to finish the shoot.

We had such a nice time even though it rained like hell and we succesfully finished the shoot! I really like working with motivated people.

PERSONAL: Copy-photographers at Fashion Week 2014

looking back Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014 banner | ©THE VIEWFINDER

When looking back at Amsterdam Fashion Week January 2014 I’m not so sure what to say. I mean, overall it was okay but the one thing that really annoyed me were those photographers(most of them) outside. Some serious ones and also some who just bought a camera and trying to take a good shot ….this edition these ‘photographers’ were a pain in the ass.

Every time I approached someone (some of them I really know) I got disturbed by those ‘photographers’ because they were trying to get the same shot ….even standing between me and the subject! That’s so Continue reading “PERSONAL: Copy-photographers at Fashion Week 2014”


Nike sneakers roshe run street style personal blog | ©THE VIEWFINDER

“..sporty kind  of guy..”

Wow …it’s been years since I had a pair of Nike sneakers. To be honest I think it was during puberty that I bought me last Nike’s. I prefer to walk with boots or Converse All Stars because they’re way easier to combine with my style of clothing and not shouting ‘I’m a sporty kind  of guy’. So why bother buying them now you might ask?

First of all I needed new shoes, ones that were comfortable and easily to walk with for miles …being a street photographer I Continue reading “PERSONAL: BACK TO NIKE AGAIN”