Street style: Sporty life style, New York

sporty street style new york | THE-VIEWFINDER-7312

One thing I noticed during my visit to New York was the sportswear on the streets. Lots of women styled themselves in sportswear, some of them because they were actually sporting (or just finished it) but also some who just wore it without the exercise. Mostly the women with quite a figure styled themselves this way  …I think they did it to easily show their body. But honestly nice female sportswear can look great, believe me. Also it kinda suits one of the characteristics of New Yorkers, the fact that lots of them are runners.

Street style: Tied up split dress, New York

split skirt crop new york street style | THE-VIEWFINDER-7539

Spotted this fashionista in Soho New York. The thing I like about this look is the subtle layers and folds made by this tied up dress. By finishing this high waisted dress with that crop shirt she makes it look like she has nice tall legs. Really a friendly woman and great look.

crop split skirt new york street style | THE VIEWFINDER-7537

Street style: Among the crowd, New York

fashionista new york catwalk | THE-VIEWFINDER-7200-2

“As if it was staged…”

…this moment was very short and for some reason I anticipated it. The moment where the crowd makes way for a fashionista walking the sidewalk like a catwalk …she even gave me that fears look. Just awesome …this really happened in a split-second. I’m still not sure if she was aware of me taking her photograph because a second later we simple passed each other like nothing happend.(meanwhile I was smiling because I knew I got the shot!)

Yes, her look is quite simple but often the most simple looks can be the most pleasant.