Street style: Graphic print on heels, New York

THE VIEWFINDER graphic print new york

Such a nice and beautiful woman …I spotted her from far away and thought of surprising her by shooting her just when she passed this corner. So the picture below is the one I shot first, keeping her real expression (a split-second after this shot she smiled friendly).

Afterwards we had quite the ‘small talk’ about her work as model, mine as photographer and of course New York City. Without noticing it we walk a few blocks together, while shooting and talking. I’d love to meet people like her ….open, interesting and friendly.

THE VIEWFINDER graphic print new york 3THE VIEWFINDER graphic print new york 2

Street style: Dress & sneakers, New York

THE VIEWFINDER dress sneakers

A female look I personally really like is a basic black dress with sneakers. It has that feminine appearance with a healthy and sporty touch. During my stay in New York I saw this kind of look quite often (also a few disasters!)

Street style: Urban fashion at Central Park, New York

urban fashion park new york street style THE VIEWFINDER

During my visit to New York I went to  Central Park …of course. I didn’t expect to spot some nice fashion there, so when I saw these fashionista I quickly had to get my out of my fully loaded backpack. These women were very friendly and liked to photographed with this nice surroundings. See their whole look down below.

urban fashion park new york street style