Review: Pen F ….my choice of gear

Totally a camera I would love to have in my bag! The Olympus Pen F…. Awesome retro styled camera with great performance.

Mounted with the awesome 75mm

Do I need to say more?  Its design is practical, good grip and retro back flipscreen. They kept all the small details of analog cameras in mind when designing this piece. For instance the on/off switch which is a copy of the wellknown film rewind switch on those analog cameras. The camera comes in this black and a silver finish.

pen f review THE VIEWFINDER-3290015
The retro on/off switch

This is a MFT-system camera so it’s nice compact with small yet great lenses. The nice thing is that it has a good electronic viewfinder that’s nicely integrated in this small body design.

pen f review THE VIEWFINDER-3290016
The back finish looks like an analog camera

This is the second MFT-system camera that has a 20 megapixels sensor …so it seems like MFT is getting a new max standard, first the 16MP and now apparently the 20MP sensor. The specs of this camera aren’t that new or sexy …yes it has a nice focus system with 81 points and a sensor-shift 5-axis stabilization. Also shoot 10 frame per second and with a max shutter of 1/8000 (1/16000 electronic). To me the specs are okay, but the outer appearance with the retro dials, good grip and awesom finish will make people actually buy this one (I would definitely…). 

A nice feature is the custom dial on the front of the body next to the lens mount. This lets you customize the color and levels before the shoot. So now you can shoot with customized brightness curves. Really nice to work with!

pen f review THE VIEWFINDER-3290014
Nicely styled filter dial on the front

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