Gear review: Fujifilm X-Pro2 …about time

It took Fujifilm about 4 years to come with the successor of the X-Pro1 …but is it what we expect it to be?

For work I got the change to review it. I only had the X-Pro2 for several hours (a beta version) because it wasn’t on sale yet. Over the¬†years I have experienced the X100 series and also the X-Pro1 as a good camera so the way the X-Pro2 performed wasn’t really a surprise.

Xpro2 fujifilm THE VIEWFINDER review_2477


The sensor is improved with a 24 MP high ISO sensitivity. A key improvement is the focus system which now has a large range of 273 point vs 49 points of the previous version. It also shoots a faster burst of 8fps with a max shutter of 1/8000. Also the video mode is more usable and has manual operation now. These are the internal key improvements.

Xpro2 fujifilm THE VIEWFINDER review_2478


When we look at the body there are only small changes …but good ones for sure. Good improvement is the added joystick, all buttons are moved to the right and the grip is larger. Also the iso dail which is now integrated into the shutterdail… nicely done. Now the camera has two SD-card slots, a mic input and wifi. An improvement I really like is the viewfinder. The OVF shows much more info and guidelines when zooming your lens. Like the X100T it has the electronic rangefinder option which is perfect for manual operation. The EVF is way better now, feels more like an OVF now. Almost no lack and so much detail and color.


It worthy to mentioned the improved menu structure. It was about time they changed this …the previous version is bad in my honest opinion. Now it’s devided into categories with tabs.

Xpro2 fujifilm THE VIEWFINDER review_2479


Yes they really made a good successor …however it isn’t groundbreaking. The focus is indeed snappy which makes it a more allround camera. Nowdays cameras perform quite good with the sophisticated¬† focus systems, sensors and processors so the new Fujifilm isn’t any different. The fact that it is sort of a rangefinder makes it more unique, but that’s all in my opinion.

For the Dutch people among us I added the review video below, which we did for work. Video is copyrighted and property of Kamera Express of course.