Gear: Camera for serious vloggers… DJI Osmo

Nowadays almost everyone who´s active on the web is a vlogger …I mean, I think there are more vloggers than bloggers out there right? Now there is an amazing camera for vloggers, one that’s small yet provides the best quality possible: DJI Osmo.

I had the pleasure of reviewing the DJI Osmo …a handheld stabilised video/photo camera. In short, it’s a great camera for people who like to take video while moving to create nice angle shots and a more cinema-look video.


The nice thing of this camera are the controls, they make it possible to capture what´s happening all around you by easily moving the camera around with the joystick on the back. Taking pictures instantly is also possible with a click of the button and for a selfie moment you click twice and the camera will turn towards you so you´ll be in the picture yourself.


The Osmo has to connect with your smartphone so you can adjust the settings of the camera and also control it by touching the screen. This is a great camera and to be honest maybe a bit to good for vlogging alone. One downer is the battery which won´t last long and also the connection with your phone really drains your phone battery. Also the microphone is quite bad external microphone is a must.

For the Dutchies out there, down below is the video review of the DJI Osmo which I did for Kamera Express.

(video and stills are property of Kamera Express)