Personal: Hello, new studio!


“..plug in and I’m ready..”

As you’ve might read I moved to this new house  …and now I have my own space for just work and photography, no distraction added with the pleasure of stereo surround music. Down below are some photos to get an idea of my studio. I know it’s not like a large rented studio, but for me it’s just perfect as I usually work more outdoor.

THE VIEWFINDER-5469 studio

This new place gives me the opportunity to expand my studio gear and explore studio photography even more. No more setting up my strobes, background etc…I only need to plug in and I’m ready to go!

THE VIEWFINDER-5470 studio THE VIEWFINDER-5473 studio

Just love blogging here …I’m writing this blog while enjoying the music that comes from my good old HiFi stereo set and the space around me.