Street style: Fashionable contour, New York

fashion contour new york street style | ©THE VIEWFINDER-8166

A well styled outfit, with the proper figure I might add, looks stunning without even seeing the details. An overall look of the shapes and balance could be enough. This fashionista is showing exactly what I mean, when I saw her I immediately saw that fashionable contour and decided to capture it that way.

Street style: Cropped & sporty fashionista, Amsterdam

croptop sporty street style amsterdam | THE-VIEWFINDER-0369-title2

I never know when to spot someone …this time I was already packing my stuff to go home and then I saw this girl. I like this look because it has an overall sporty vibe but the look itself isn’t typically sport. Where I normally see tight sport-pants I now see a denim one. This girl was a bit surprised to be approach but had no problem with posing.