Street style: Dungarees look, Amsterdam

dungarees street style amsterdam women | THE VIEWFINDER-2955 title

Such a nice visual …spotted this woman in front of a beauty store where the green of the plants created a nice contrast with the red in her outfit. In my opinion a great summer look. Yes the weather was awfully hot so it was nice seeing this woman taking fashion over coolness.

Street style: Pitch & side braid, Amsterdam

pitch & side braid comfy street style amsterdam womenswear | ©THE VIEWFINDER-0907 title

I like this look because it gives you the idea that this woman just picked some stuff out of her closet without thinking to much about it and yet looking this fashionable. For me it’s the cap, her side braid and messy lock of hair that gives me that idea. For me this is a good example of a casual looking fashionista who stands out without wearing any heels, tight pants or any pieces of that kind.