Street style: Chic retro-ish menswear, Utrecht

utrecht menswear - copyright THE VIEWFINDER

I decided to see if there was any fashion in Utrecht …I had quite some doubts about going to Utrecht, so my wife suggested to accompany her on her way to a business meeting she had to attend to in Utrecht. And the moment I arrived in Utrecht I felt like I wasn’t going to find any fashion here ….and unfortunately I was right. Utrecht really is a downer for me.

Just when I decided to stop looking for street style I spotted this guy with his chic retro-ish look. So luckily there was one person I could photograph before going home that day.

utrecht menswear - copyright THE VIEWFINDER-1770

Street style: Army look, New York

army look women street style new york THE VIEWFINDER

When I saw this young woman approaching me her look kinda reminded me of those old army/ war movies …it’s a nice look with personality, a bit manly but working perfectly with her looks. These sober looks appeal to you or not, in my case it did appeal to me so I decided to ask her for a quick photograph. She was really friendly and the moment I framed the shot she had this serious expression.