Travel: Sunrise at Park Avenue, New York

sunrise manhattan new york park ave THE VIEWFINDER-7114


“Sunrise in Manhattan is something else …”

I usually experience sunrise as the world coming to life, light everywhere. But in Manhattan there’s a lot of shadow due to the skycrapers ….so every morning when I crossed Park Ave I was still surrounded by shadow while the top side of the street was fully light by the sun. Such a nice thing. For me as a photographer, I find New York with its light one challenging city to photograph. Harsh contrast of light and dark which could be different at any moment.

Gear: Red Rings ….Canon 85mm f1.2 L II

canon 50mm f1.2

Here’s a small share about the legendary, Canon 85mm f1.2 L II lens. I decided to mount it on my DSLR for a few minutes and it was a nice experience. The barrel alone is quite a thing ….it is bulky but that’s because of all the glass elements within it.

In short …
I only got it mounted for a few minutes so there’s no deep review here. What I can say is that the lens performs good, but not good enough looking at the price tag. The photos show a lot of color fringing, nevertheless it does a good job at minimizing the vignetting at f1.2. The lens itself it heavy of course, but the worst thing is the slow focus. If I had owned this lens it would probably fill a empty space on my shelf because on the streets I need fast focus and less weight. But hey …it would be a pretty thing standing on my shelf 😉

Gear: My beloved X100 …reborn (after firmware update)

The Fujifilm X100 …still the best looking digital camera out there. I have this piece of awesomeness for quite a while now but never spend time for upgrading its firmware. Now, as I plan on using it more frequently I decided to upgrade the firmware with great results.


I have to be honest that it really is an improving …the autofocus is really fast now. Feels the same as the X100s (the second generation X100). This way the chance of missing a shot is getting smaller. Also the startup time (from off to on) is faster, which is so nice because I unfortunately missed some shots in the past due to the slow startup time.

Old school manual

Before shooting with the X100 and Canon DSLR I shot with the Olympus OM10 and several Rangefinders. I like focusing manually …it feels like you’re really making the photograph instead of relying on the autofocus doing its job. With the manual focus you can easily focus while framing your shot …something not easily done with the digital cameras nowadays.

Now the X100 firmware update improved the manual focus-ring (by wire) and added the great focus peaking feature, so manual focus has become useful now.

I plan on shooting more ‘on the go’ with this camera, because this one is some compact and easy to take with …this makes it even more possible to get those impulsive street shots with a wider angle (35mm).

Lookbook: Fashionchick x De Bijenkorf

Fashionchick x Bijenkorf - by THE VIEWFINDER-0414

“Cycling with the Fashionchicks through Amsterdam”

I had the pleasure of shooting another lookbook for Fashionchick: Fashionchick x De Bijenkorf. A assignment without a particular location, so we had a fun time searching locations on the go. It was again nice to work with these ‘chicks’  and I’m looking forward to our next collaboration.

For the whole shoot visit the PORTFOLIO section.

THE VIEWFINDER Fashionchick photography shoot lookbook

Feel free to share me your thoughts!

Shoot: Imitating Isabel Marant pour H&M, feat Aniek

THE VIEWFINDER H&M imitation shoot


If there’s one look book that I like it’s ‘Isabel Marant pour H&M look book’. So I planned on imitating this shoot for a while and I’m glad to finally have done. I picked out 4 looks that I wanted to shoot for this project.

It was a bit of a challenge, because I don’t own a large studio and high end gear which they used for this look book. Not to mention their team of specialists.

Go visit the PORTFOLIO section to see all the looks.

Special thanks to my lovely wife who modeled for this shoot.



Hey guys, I decided to add my portfolio to THE VIEWFINDER. Now you can easily get an overview of my work (outdoor & indoor shoots, look book, events etc) on the ‘ PORTFOLIO’ section and get more in depth info at my ‘COMMERCIAL’ section. Keep an eye on my portfolio to see my most recent work. For now it’s still incomplete so I’ll be adding more work in the upcoming days.

My shoot prep-routine

shoot preparing sketch-THE VIEWFINDER-5752

Location, model, theme …always enthusiastic when I got an upcoming shoot. For me the best way to prepare one is by illustrating my ideas, locations and inspiration I found in mags or online. That way I get a better visual that I can also present to the model/ client to be even more prepared before actually doing the shoot and sharing ideas results in a better result.



By illustrating I don’t mean the well detailed illustrations (maybe sometimes) …often I just doodle around during the meeting to immediately present my ideas. It’s only natural doing this because of my illustration background. Above you’ll see an example of a moodboard I made for my shoot : Laundry day.

For me it’s nice to be able to combine my other great passion ‘illustration’ with my photography. If you guys got any tips or things you like to do before a shoot share it below.