Shoot: Laundry day, Jill


“Saturdays are for laundry …so it seems”

laundry-day-shoot-jill - THE VIEWFINDER-0194

Had such a great time shooting Jill again, this time in the ‘early’ Saturday morning at the self-service laundry. While freezing our asses off we arrived around 10 AM (Yes, that is early for a Saturday) at the self-service laundry where the heating was on, like for real …lucky us!

After a quick look at the moodboard(posted soon) and illustrations I prepared we started the shoot. This was quite challenging because there were customers doing their laundry so we had to work around them …and it was quite busy. Even people from out of town visited this place! So while shooting we not only had to avoid them physically but also trying to keep them out of the shot.

In the end the shoot went well, had a great time and finished the morning with a nice cup of coffee while going through the photos on my camera.


Shoot: Night walks, Lloyd

editorial photo shoot lloyd-night-walk- THE-VIEWFINDER-lloyd-shoot-nightwalk--1192

editorial photo shoot lloyd-night-walk-THE VIEWFINDER-1285

“For me the way to clean my head …”

Nothing beats a nice walk after a full day at work …I’ll have a fag as I look back on the interesting things that happened that day and try to prepare for the next day. Often I visit friends right after work, but no matter what I always walk. For me the way to clean my head, take a moment to check the latest on social media and make a phone call to my parents.

editorial photo shoot lloyd-night-walk-THE-VIEWFINDER

Personal: Working with motivated people …

jill and kevin shoot | ©THE VIEWFINDER

“It’s dry now so let’s go back to shooting”

Last weekend I had such a great time with my friend Jill during our shoot, only this time we got interrupted… During the shoot we got interrupted by an awful rain storm! One that suddenly appeared so we had to rush our way towards this nearby bridge for shelter.  And as we were on our way home the rain stopped ….so we both decided to turn around and go back to finish the shoot.

We had such a nice time even though it rained like hell and we succesfully finished the shoot! I really like working with motivated people.

Personal: Shoot prep-time

shoot photography preparations blog | THE VIEWFINDER-3524 title

“Those moments before a shoot”

What location shall I use for the shoot? What’s the theme? Where to get inspired? ….the questions I normally ask myself before doing a shoot.

So what I do next is going through some magazines, do some drawing and brainstorm with my partner. To get an idea and visual making a moodboard really helps …it also comes in handy for presenting my idea to the model and client. Eventually it’s about getting the right photos so sharing my ideas and hear what others have to say makes it possible to get those shots.

I’m always excited to do a shoot …filled with positive energy, so I really like the prep_time!

PERSONAL: kfPhotography 2.0 Launch


“Clean and simple…”

I’m glad to share you the launch of kfPhotography 2.0 (my freelance website). Needed an update for both the content and design, because my freelance activities are increasing.

From now on it’s possible that in some ‘photography’ blog posts you’ll be referred to my freelance website where you’ll be able to read a more detailed article, because the blog section on kfPhotography is focused on giving you more photography specific articles.