Street style: Long coat & denim shorts, Amsterdam

long coat denim short street style amsterdam womens fashion | ©THE VIEWFINDER-2285 title

“Here? Ow …really?”

This nicely styled fashionista had quite the pose as she was phoning while holding her bicycle on the other hand. So there was no hesitation and as soon as hung up I ‘attacked’ her. I think she kinda expected me (having several moments of eye contact) …but still had this amazed reaction when I approached her.

She might look tough but she was such a friendly and cooperative person. I just like meeting these kind of positive people on the streets.

Street style: Dark grey long coat, Amsterdam

dark grey long coat womenswear street style amsterdam fashion | ©THE VIEWFINDER-7680 title

” ..picture of my outfit?”

Really a nice look …that thin long coat combined with those pantyhose really works ….and that bit of lace revealing from underneath her shirt nicely pinpoints her waist and therefore shaping her figure. Also that small bag with its suitable print adds a nice contrast with the rest of the outfit, as you can see above.

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