Street style: Chic trenchcoat, skirt & heels

trenchcoat heels THE VIEWFINDER

“Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!”

On this sunny day in Manhattan, as my wife and I we’re doing some shopping, I came across this nice Japanese couple (friends) who both had such a great style. So I approached them, in both the English and a bit Japanese language, and they we’re quite surprised by the way I approached them. We had a nice chat about Japan and their visit to New York. They really liked posing for the blog and especially this woman took advantage of the moment and used the street (yes, the street) as her catwalk.

trenchcoat heels women street style ny THE VIEWFINDER

Street style: Asian womenswear, New York

asian womenswear new york THE VIEWFINDER

One thing that caught my eye was the clothing of Asian (mostly Chinese I guess) women. I seems they like styling themselves a bit boyish… oversized shirts, big prints, loose/regular fit jeans and sneakers. The reason why this caught my attention is because I visited Tokyo a few years ago and there the women style themselves quite well ..but hey, that’s years ago.

Next time I’ll be visiting New York I’ll keep an eye on the Asian women, curious if there’s any change by then.

Street style: Army look, New York

army look women street style new york THE VIEWFINDER

When I saw this young woman approaching me her look kinda reminded me of those old army/ war movies …it’s a nice look with personality, a bit manly but working perfectly with her looks. These sober looks appeal to you or not, in my case it did appeal to me so I decided to ask her for a quick photograph. She was really friendly and the moment I framed the shot she had this serious expression.

Street style: Graphic print on heels, New York

THE VIEWFINDER graphic print new york

Such a nice and beautiful woman …I spotted her from far away and thought of surprising her by shooting her just when she passed this corner. So the picture below is the one I shot first, keeping her real expression (a split-second after this shot she smiled friendly).

Afterwards we had quite the ‘small talk’ about her work as model, mine as photographer and of course New York City. Without noticing it we walk a few blocks together, while shooting and talking. I’d love to meet people like her ….open, interesting and friendly.

THE VIEWFINDER graphic print new york 3THE VIEWFINDER graphic print new york 2