New York Streets: Yellow makes New York

yellow cab new york | THE-VIEWFINDER-5538-title

It’s almost impossible to capture New York with the colour yellow. Even though New York is known by the colours of their flag I think the yellow is the one that people associate with New York City. Of course I’m talking about the yellow cabs here. In many of my photographs you’ll see a yellow dot somewhere in the background, because they are really everywhere. And at night they really rule the streets so I thought it would be nice opportunity to capture a nice one without too many traffic surrounding it.

New York streets: Reflecting glass

reflecting glass new york streets THE VIEWFINDER-7222

These great looking glass buildings make such an interesting view. Not only do they reflect the surrounding buildings but also the light of the sky so the streets between these high buildings just get that extra bit of light. And believe me some streets are quite dark even during a sunny day because of the shadow.