Street style: White fashionista at night, New York

street style women new york night white THE VIEWFINDER

Union Square …the place I was every night to just chill and watch the people chatting, dancing and relaxing. Then in the distance I spotted this fashionista styled totally white and believe me all eyes where on her as she passed by. I hastily grabbed my camera out of my backpack to get the shot.

Street style: Tied up split dress, New York

split skirt crop new york street style | THE-VIEWFINDER-7539

Spotted this fashionista in Soho New York. The thing I like about this look is the subtle layers and folds made by this tied up dress. By finishing this high waisted dress with that crop shirt she makes it look like she has nice tall legs. Really a friendly woman and great look.

crop split skirt new york street style | THE VIEWFINDER-7537