Street style: Japanese menswear, New York

Japanese menswear NY THE VIEWFINDER

Met this great guy together with his friend (which I also shot, click here for her look) from Japan who was in New York for his study ..apparently something to do with fashion. Being a fan of Japan it’s always nice meeting Japanese people and ask them about their interest and of course Japan itself…even try to properly great them in Japanese^_^.

Travel: Japan …a bit homesick


Even though I’m not from Japan I still feel a bit homesick after my last visit. Back then I was totally into Japan …its culture, manga, music, games and movies …not to mention the streetview and food. Even had plans of emigrating to Japan .

starbucks-shibuya THE VIEWFINDER
Totally my fav Starbucks ever on Shibuya Crossing
Signs and advertisement always make an interesting background

Now that I’m active with photography my next visit to Japan would still be very interesting. Lots of fashion, street moments and colours to photograph. Also the camera gear over there is great. So it would only sound logical to go to Japan for my next trip.

If you guys have any tips for my next visit to Japan (not sure when) share it. Thx!