Street style: Extremely oversized womenswear, New York

oversized street style new york williamsburg THE-VIEWFINDER-9121

Really a unique look I saw in Williamsburg New York. A woman was standing there on the corner for quite some time busy checking the latest and she had such an interesting look. The main piece was this extremely oversized tank top which really suited her slender figure.

oversized street style new york williamsburg THE VIEWFINDER-9111

Street style: Chic fashionista, New York

street style new york chic women | THE VIEWFINDER-7180

Captured this chic fashionista surrounded by businessmen, so she easily stood out with this nice chic summer look. Luckily I spotted her from a distance as she was looking for a cab.  I waited for that moment where she took her distance for those men and went on the street to hold a cab. Just a split-second after this shot she noticed me and gave me a smile.