Favorite moments: My park bench, New York

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Definitely one of my fav parks in New York, Washington Square Park. It’s just great sitting on those large benches and watching the people, the street artists having a good time. Of course the Arch totally completes it …such a beautiful one and also well known thanks to the awesome movie I Am Legend (luckily without the zombies :P).

To be honest the park is nice but misses some good surrounding stores and bars. So for me the next logical step was to hit the Fifth Avenue amd head towards the Empire.

New York streets: The cozy face of NY

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Even though New York is such a large city, a business city with its Wall Street, it does has its cozy face. I like those streets that has some trees in it, just to get that bit of shadow and cosiness. Some of the familiar districts with lots of green are Greenwich Village and Williamsburg. Of course you can find some nice streets scattered over Manhattan as well …but then you really have to look for them (which I did of course). Try visiting those streets at night or sunset because then it’s even nicer.

New York streets: Reflecting lights

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New York really is a beautiful city and especially at night. I just loved wandering around at night, alone with my camera and my thoughts. Without even realizing I walked block after block after block. One thing I, as a photographer, really like in this city is the reflecting lights in the water on the streets …it doubles the light and colours of this amazing city. It just gives the buildings that nice color scheme at night.


Personal: The world famous skyline

new york skyline | THE-VIEWFINDER-5424-title

Of course you all immediately recognize New York City (Manhattan) by online seeing its skyline ..its contour …the skyscrapers. I’m talking about the most famous skyline out there. For a while, after 9/11, I thought that without those beautiful Twin Towers the skyline would never be as recognizable as before. Luckily the people of New York added a few skyscrapers, one in particular, that really gave back the city that unique skyline. The one that people nowadays immediately associate with New York City.

So one of my goals for my visit to New York in 2014 was to capture that beautiful restored skyline. However, I wanted to capture it from a unique angle to capture its beauty with another perspective. Luckily I was able to shoot from this rooftop in Brooklyn, thanks to my client Ink Global. I wanted to capture it with the beautiful Manhattan Bridge instead of the regular (awesome) Brooklyn Bridge. It was great seeing the skyline now with the finished Freedom Tower (last time I visited NY they were constructing the fifth floor) and its beautiful and respectful Memorial Pool.

(photo made by my lovely wife)