Street style: Typografic cardigan, New York

THE VIEWFINDER typographic cardigan

Such a great look …spotted at Union Square New York. She immediately caught my eye because of the typographic cardigan combined with the slim fit top and pants. Not to mention the leather straps of her backpack. Apparently she’s a model, no wonder she was so comfortable posing for me ….and she was friendly too.

typografic cardigan new york women THE VIEWFINDER-9586


Street style: Among the crowd, New York

fashionista new york catwalk | THE-VIEWFINDER-7200-2

“As if it was staged…”

…this moment was very short and for some reason I anticipated it. The moment where the crowd makes way for a fashionista walking the sidewalk like a catwalk …she even gave me that fears look. Just awesome …this really happened in a split-second. I’m still not sure if she was aware of me taking her photograph because a second later we simple passed each other like nothing happend.(meanwhile I was smiling because I knew I got the shot!)

Yes, her look is quite simple but often the most simple looks can be the most pleasant.

Street style: Denim fashionista, New York

denim fashionista street style new york | ©THE VIEWFINDER-7558 title

“Let’s connect on Instagram”

Such a nice and beautiful lady …spotted her on the streets in Soho New York with this well styled denim look which suits her figure perfectly. When I approached her she was really friendly and truly interested in my my website. When we finished shooting we had a small talk about our work and promised to connect with each other on social media.

Street style: Fashionable black & grey, Amsterdam

“..I can still decide for myself ..”

Really a good look …maybe using ‘save colours’ but still well styled. The chicness of the coat with the more sporty appearance of the sneakers and the different black textures. After the shoot she told me she’s a model, so I asked her if it was okay to shoot her without the permission of her agency. Luckily she said she’s able to decide for herself wether to be shot or not, so she posed for me. It was nice shooting her, such a friendly person.