Street style: Among the crowd, New York

fashionista new york catwalk | THE-VIEWFINDER-7200-2

“As if it was staged…”

…this moment was very short and for some reason I anticipated it. The moment where the crowd makes way for a fashionista walking the sidewalk like a catwalk …she even gave me that fears look. Just awesome …this really happened in a split-second. I’m still not sure if she was aware of me taking her photograph because a second later we simple passed each other like nothing happend.(meanwhile I was smiling because I knew I got the shot!)

Yes, her look is quite simple but often the most simple looks can be the most pleasant.

Street style: Loose fit fashionista, New York

loose fit women fashion street style new york | ©THE VIEWFINDER-7453

This women arrived on her fixed gear bicycle with her matching loose fit look and just the way she stood there locking her bicycle with that contrasty leather bag ….I had to capture this moment. Nice with that urban surrounding and soft light. A good example of a fashionably casual and comfy look.

Street style: Loose fit fashionista, Amsterdam

loose fit women street style amsterdam | THE-VIEWFINDER-0337title

When thinking of a feminine look there’s a big chance a tight and slim outfit crosses your mind. This woman, spotted at the canals of Amsterdam, shows such a feminine appearance without the tightness. She´s wearing this great loose fit outfit, while retaining the feminine picture.