Street style: Red footwear, New York

red footwear THE VIEWFINDER

It was quite funny approaching this guy ….I mean he kinda had that ‘get lost’ look on his face, but hey I don’t care as usual so I approached him. He totally surprised me with his reaction, because he started laughing and instantly changing his expression on his face into a friendly open one. A good example of how you can get the wrong first impression, right?!

Haven’t seen this colour combination before …the brown with the red sneakers. Something that wouldn’t cross my mind when picking an outfit out of my closet, but hey it works.

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Street style: Fashionable black & grey, Amsterdam

“..I can still decide for myself ..”

Really a good look …maybe using ‘save colours’ but still well styled. The chicness of the coat with the more sporty appearance of the sneakers and the different black textures. After the shoot she told me she’s a model, so I asked her if it was okay to shoot her without the permission of her agency. Luckily she said she’s able to decide for herself wether to be shot or not, so she posed for me. It was nice shooting her, such a friendly person.

Street style: Japanese sporty chic, Amsterdam

japanese sporty chic street style amsterdam women leather pants | ©THE VIEWFINDER-7060 title

Generally I really like shooting Japanese fashionistas …often they are very interesting, well dressed or very unique. Also a nice opportunity to speak a bit of Japanese. The downside, most of the Japanese female are shy and don’t speak english… and so they often make a gesture that they don’t want to be approached.

This fashionista was friendly and really had fun posing for the blog ….believe me she Continue reading “Street style: Japanese sporty chic, Amsterdam”