Street style: Blue & grey womenswear, Amsterdam

blue grey womenswear THE VIEWFINDER

” Done already? That’s really fast!”

A bit surprised she was when I approached her, but in a positive way. She had no problem with posing for the blog and even gave me time to get her in the right spot. Apparently she thought it would take more time to get the right shot, so when I told her I got the shot I wanted she was like “that’s really fast”. Really a friendly person …so nice meeting these kind of people on the streets. Total strangers but willing to help out another to make each others day even better.

blue grey womenswear THE VIEWFINDER

Street style: Red woolen hat, Amsterdam

red woolen hat camel coat THE-VIEWFINDER-9266

I shot this friendly woman because she had an interesting look …one I don’t see that often. Personally I would never combine such a red woolen hat with a camel coat and blue sneakers, but this woman did and honestly it doesn’t look bad right?

Street style: Joyful female look, Amsterdam

joyful female look street style amsterdam fashion | ©THE VIEWFINDER-7089

I really like casual looks like this one …the nice layers and the overall comfortable fitting. This look really suits her personality (from what I’ve experienced so far) and it was really fun shooting her. She had a great positive energy which I wanted to capture.

Street style: Fashion beauty, Antwerp

fashion beauty street style antwerp 3 | ©THE VIEWFINDER

“Hey, I’m already following you”

I spotted this fashionista in a clothing store as I was on my way out. I really like the simplicity in her look and also the casual appearance by that scarf, her hair and the large bag. When I approached her she was surprisingly kind and fun to shoot with. It seemed like she knew me and already followed my blog (nice to hear that), so she thanked me for photographing her. Was really Continue reading “Street style: Fashion beauty, Antwerp”