Why I post less frequently lately …

bit occupied illustration by Kevin van Diest | THE VIEWFINDER

Sorry guys, I know I’ve been a bit absent lately. Normally I post more frequent and nowadays I try to do every day. Besides my day-job I’m occupied with shoots, meetings and preps for the holiday trip. Also because of the heat it isn’t that interesting to shoot on the streets, as I posted earlier here. So now you know ^_^

Street style: Fashionable black & grey, Amsterdam

“..I can still decide for myself ..”

Really a good look …maybe using ‘save colours’ but still well styled. The chicness of the coat with the more sporty appearance of the sneakers and the different black textures. After the shoot she told me she’s a model, so I asked her if it was okay to shoot her without the permission of her agency. Luckily she said she’s able to decide for herself wether to be shot or not, so she posed for me. It was nice shooting her, such a friendly person.