Street style: Checkered pants & sneakers, Amsterdam

checkered pants womenswear THE VIEWFINDER-9871 copy

The checkered pants really makes this look interesting ..and of course the sneakers. Otherwise it would have been a more chic and a bit boring look. Now it has that bit of contrast of styles that shows personality. As you can see it doesn´t have to be very complex and layered outfit to be interesting.

checkered pants womenswear THE VIEWFINDER-9873

Street style: Fashionable female cyclist, Amsterdam

fashionable female cyclist street style amsterdam fashion | ©THE VIEWFINDER-6642 title

“You really put some effort in it!”

This woman passed me by and luckily I had a glimpse of her look as I was turning around to watch the traffic. We had a quick moment of eye-contact so I had to run after her and approached her when she stopped at the traffic lights. She was really friendly and was surprised to see me putting this much effort in approaching her for a shoot.

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