Personal: Gear reviewer …a suitable job!

new job reviewer

Hey people …I recently started a new job opportunity at the largest photography specialist of The Netherlands, Kamera Express. A job that’s make it possible for me to be busy with photography/ video gear every day of the week ….(and yes, getting payed to do so). This way I’m not only busy with photography itself, but also with the more technical side of it.

To make it even more interesting I’m also the presentor/ reviewer for their YouTube channel, for which I review the latest gear both photography and video (Dutch only). I’d say this is quite a suitable job for me;)
(still a bit new with reviewing in front of a camera …so please be gentle with me when watching the videos^_^)

The reason I decided to share this news with you guys is to explain my low acitivity on the blog lately …also been busy shooting more for our Dutch website THE VIEWFINDER STUDIO.