M°BA: The Mood Room

“Getting in the mood already?”

I really suggest everyone to go visit the exhibition at M°BA HQ, because it really is interesting and eye opening (to me at least). First start in the basement where you’ll find the Mood Room, that way you’ll be better prepared and more openminded to see the next floors. I decided to share a bit of the Mood Room through the photographs below. Keep in Continue reading “M°BA: The Mood Room”

M°BA: Fashion show by Ami-e-toi

Ame-e-toi | ©The Viewfinder

“Everybody deserves a second change”

Simplicity, chic and a bit of vintage …the collection by label Ami-e-toi: A line designed by young people, with in each piece a vintage. Made by the foundation “Mode Met een Missie” (English: Fashion with a mission), a group of women who deserve a new start after going through some bad life experiences. I decided to visit this MOBA show together with Fabuliciousgirl, even though we knew Continue reading “M°BA: Fashion show by Ami-e-toi”

M°BA13: What’s your fetishism?

“Fetishism …something we maybe all have, aware or unaware?”

Honestly, I had no clue what to expect of this theme. In the upcoming days I’ll be posting about all the shows and exhibitions I’ll visit and of course capture the whole scene of Mode Biënnale Arnhem 13. Today I already visited a really great exhibition, which gave me another point of view when thinking of Fetishism.

Down below are two images from MoBA13 poster series:

Featured: Interview article, De Gelderlander

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A while ago I got interviewed by the Dutch newspaper De Gelderlander about my activities as a photographer and blogger.  Today it got published, both in print and digital on their website.

“Mijn leven draait om fotografie”

I was surprised because I didn’t know the article would be a spread, so I’m honored to be displayed this insanely large! My wife, fashion blogger Fabuliciousgirl, is Continue reading “Featured: Interview article, De Gelderlander”