Street style: Typografic cardigan, New York

THE VIEWFINDER typographic cardigan

Such a great look …spotted at Union Square New York. She immediately caught my eye because of the typographic cardigan combined with the slim fit top and pants. Not to mention the leather straps of her backpack. Apparently she’s a model, no wonder she was so comfortable posing for me ….and she was friendly too.

typografic cardigan new york women THE VIEWFINDER-9586


Street style: Urban fashion at Central Park, New York

urban fashion park new york street style THE VIEWFINDER

During my visit to New York I went to  Central Park …of course. I didn’t expect to spot some nice fashion there, so when I saw these fashionista I quickly had to get my out of my fully loaded backpack. These women were very friendly and liked to photographed with this nice surroundings. See their whole look down below.

urban fashion park new york street style

Street style: Boyfriend blazer over cardigan, Arnhem

boyfriend blazer cardigan street style arnhem women | ©THE VIEWFINDER-2629 title

“Yep, I’m a fan …”

Everytime Jill and I meet I just have to shoot her for the blog …also this time, as we met for a studio shoot, her outfit was nicely put together. Her looks really have that I-just-picked-some-stuff-out-of-my-closet overall appearance. Not perfectly save styled outfits …it’s comfy, somewhat messy and different.