Street style: Blue & grey womenswear, Amsterdam

blue grey womenswear THE VIEWFINDER

” Done already? That’s really fast!”

A bit surprised she was when I approached her, but in a positive way. She had no problem with posing for the blog and even gave me time to get her in the right spot. Apparently she thought it would take more time to get the right shot, so when I told her I got the shot I wanted she was like “that’s really fast”. Really a friendly person …so nice meeting these kind of people on the streets. Total strangers but willing to help out another to make each others day even better.

blue grey womenswear THE VIEWFINDER

Street style: Red & blue menswear, New York

red blue menswear new york THE-VIEWFINDER

During my visit in New York I noticed that a lot of menswear I spotted on the streets did not have any real colour in it. Mostly they wore grey or black/ white. So when I saw this guy wearing red and blue (and that yellow phone cover) I took a quick snap.

Street style: Extremely oversized womenswear, New York

oversized street style new york williamsburg THE-VIEWFINDER-9121

Really a unique look I saw in Williamsburg New York. A woman was standing there on the corner for quite some time busy checking the latest and she had such an interesting look. The main piece was this extremely oversized tank top which really suited her slender figure.

oversized street style new york williamsburg THE VIEWFINDER-9111