I’m excited to tell you guys I have a new partner in crime: CAMEX, for who I will review camera gear. CAMEX is a great photography store based in Arnhem, The Netherlands. I’m glad these kind of stores still exist, where you get advised by real pro’s, learn from their experience/ mistakes and receive the wanted after-sales service …not to mention the ‘serious photography brands’ they offer. Why this collaboration? I’ll tell you why:

The first reason will be that photography is my passion,which I love to share with you guys through my blog and portfolio. Photography and gear are one. By this I mean gear is very important and totally depends on what kind of photography you do.

Help my followers (and fellow bloggers)
I often get questioned about photography gear, what I use and what gear I would advice them. So that’s the second one, to help you guys! I’ll be reviewing cameras, lenses, bags, strap, tripods and so on (all kind of brands). Not only at home and on the streets, but also on events …so maybe you’ll see me one day at an event trying out new gear!


My practical opinion
Last but not least (maybe even most important) is the real practical experience. I’m not going to deep into the technical specs of a camera for instance. I only review that part that is interesting for me, my followers and fellow bloggers. I’ll discuss the features that really help you when shooting on the streets, visiting events or doing a shoot. For the technical specs or other info I’ll advise you to visit CAMEX or their website. They really can help you guys!