Street style: Japanese menswear, New York

Japanese menswear NY THE VIEWFINDER

Met this great guy together with his friend (which I also shot, click here for her look) from Japan who was in New York for his study ..apparently something to do with fashion. Being a fan of Japan it’s always nice meeting Japanese people and ask them about their interest and of course Japan itself…even try to properly great them in Japanese^_^.

Street style: White menswear, New York

white menswear THE VIEWFINDER

White menswear isn’t something I see often on the streets …and I have to admit that this guy’s look was a clever choice because it was quite hot that day on the streets of Manhattan. I wanted to swap my all black look for his that day.

white menswear THE VIEWFINDER

Street style: Red footwear, New York

red footwear THE VIEWFINDER

It was quite funny approaching this guy ….I mean he kinda had that ‘get lost’ look on his face, but hey I don’t care as usual so I approached him. He totally surprised me with his reaction, because he started laughing and instantly changing his expression on his face into a friendly open one. A good example of how you can get the wrong first impression, right?!

Haven’t seen this colour combination before …the brown with the red sneakers. Something that wouldn’t cross my mind when picking an outfit out of my closet, but hey it works.

red sneakers menswear ny THE VIEWFINDER-9819

Street style: Chic retro-ish menswear, Utrecht

utrecht menswear - copyright THE VIEWFINDER

I decided to see if there was any fashion in Utrecht …I had quite some doubts about going to Utrecht, so my wife suggested to accompany her on her way to a business meeting she had to attend to in Utrecht. And the moment I arrived in Utrecht I felt like I wasn’t going to find any fashion here ….and unfortunately I was right. Utrecht really is a downer for me.

Just when I decided to stop looking for street style I spotted this guy with his chic retro-ish look. So luckily there was one person I could photograph before going home that day.

utrecht menswear - copyright THE VIEWFINDER-1770

Guest editorial: The 5 Shoes Every Man Needs


Women are infamous for having too many pairs of shoes. In fact, the fairer sex is so well-known for this particular phenomenon that entire plot points in movies and television shows have been created around it. Men, on the other hand, are more often stereotyped in the exact opposite way; that is, not giving two hoots about fashion in general, much less what they wear on their feet. This however, is not always the case. And if it is, it needs to be remedied—immediately. Footwear is important. Important to your comfort, overall look, and perhaps most critically, the impression you make on others. So, if your shoe game is lacking, it might be time to brush up on the basics. While many men certainly can, and do, own more than a handful of shoes, these five styles will provide a footwear foundation for a variety of looks, whether formal, casual, or somewhere in between.

The Chelsea Boot

This season, the classic Chelsea boot is back, and in a big way. The elasticised, pull-on design and clean lines make this a versatile and easy shoe to wear. Business Insider suggests pairing tan-hued Chelsea boots with khakis or jeans, while black styles work well with navy or grey dress pants.


Ideal for the office or an elegant evening out, loafers are the definition of luxe. Previously thought of as exclusively an older man’s shoe, this season’s fashion-forward styles have changed that by offering a variety of materials, colours, and designs that make them just as suited to the younger crowd. For a full range of the options available, browse through Lyst’s variety of men’s shoes. The sampling of loafers from different designers highlights the wide range of options for this particular style.

High-Top Sneakers

Every man needs at least one pair of sneakers. For a throwback vibe, consider adding high-tops to your shoe collection. Instead of opting for styles in bright colours, GQ suggests going with a simple white for a more subtle and classic finish.



Equally as polished as the loafer, brogues can be dressed up or down, depending on the rest of your outfit. For a relaxed look, opt for a rich suede style and pair them with slightly cuffed skinny jeans to show off the decorative detail of the shoe.

Desert Boots or Boat Shoes

When it comes down to it, the difference between desert boots and boat shoes is minor. Yes, it’s true, they are nearly opposite in style, design, and detail. But, they both work in many of the same settings and are appropriate for similar occasions. As Esquire writes, desert boots are more dressed up than a sneaker, but not as proper as hardbottoms. That makes them the ideal go-to option for a casual everyday outfit. The same is true of the laid-back boat shoe. If you live in a cold climate, opt for the desert boot; otherwise, go with the warm weather friendly boat shoe.

Street style: Layered with holster, New York

THE VIEWFINDER holster menswear new york

This guy was great to shoot. I spotted him from behind as you see here above and that holster really stood out. So when I approached him and told him about THE VIEWFINDER he was really enthusiastic, which you can see in the photos down below. Such a great style and good personality. A good example of inspirational menswear.

THE VIEWFINDER-menswear layered new york THE VIEWFINDER street style new york men