My shoot prep-routine

shoot preparing sketch-THE VIEWFINDER-5752

Location, model, theme …always enthusiastic when I got an upcoming shoot. For me the best way to prepare one is by illustrating my ideas, locations and inspiration I found in mags or online. That way I get a better visual that I can also present to the model/ client to be even more prepared before actually doing the shoot and sharing ideas results in a better result.



By illustrating I don’t mean the well detailed illustrations (maybe sometimes) …often I just doodle around during the meeting to immediately present my ideas. It’s only natural doing this because of my illustration background. Above you’ll see an example of a moodboard I made for my shoot : Laundry day.

For me it’s nice to be able to combine my other great passion ‘illustration’ with my photography. If you guys got any tips or things you like to do before a shoot share it below.

Personal: On the move….

moving the viewfinder illustration packing

The upcoming days I’ll be busy packing my stuff as I am moving to another house …one that has more space. It’s nice going through my stuff, old photo albums and illustrations. Look forward to blogging and working from my new crib. And believe me it’s gonna be great (….pssstt, my own studio!)

Personal: Time for an update …my desk

my-desk THE VIEWFINDER illustration

“An essential part of my workflow”

For some time I have been thinking for a small update of my desk ….a nicely organized desk really improves my workflow. I noticed that my desk is a bit unorganized because I caught myself having lots of those ´hey where is that thing?´-moments lately. I’m always illustrating my ideas and also now for this desk-update I came up with this illustration to give you guys a visual of idea.

Still looking for some nice accessories to store my cables, small camera gear and my stationery. Any tips?

A piece of New York …

on the wall illustration new york

Visiting New York was really great. Just walking there was so inspiring and stimulating …and no it’s not the typical ‘oh NY is great’ talk. For me this city has so many interesting street moments and street style, not to mention the beautiful streetview. Being back in The Netherlands is so different. Everywhere I go there´s less noise, buildings, people and of course no yellow cabs.

To keep that inspiring feeling at home I decided to frame some New York photos 0n the wall behind my desk. And believe me it works …I even decided to add a whole New York wall! Now I don´t have to miss New York that much.

Why I post less frequently lately …

bit occupied illustration by Kevin van Diest | THE VIEWFINDER

Sorry guys, I know I’ve been a bit absent lately. Normally I post more frequent and nowadays I try to do every day. Besides my day-job I’m occupied with shoots, meetings and preps for the holiday trip. Also because of the heat it isn’t that interesting to shoot on the streets, as I posted earlier here. So now you know ^_^

Gear try-out: Olympus E-OM10

olympus om10 fashion THE VIEWFINDER

I had the pleasure to try out the new Olympus E-OM10 …a small and retro looking digital camera. This is a nice addition for the OM-D Series of Olympus because it’s small yet exchanges lenses and it has the looks. So when you take this camera with you it’s more like having a nice retro accessory instead of a bulky camera.


look at how small it really is

On the street I received several compliments about the look of the OM10. It’s easy to fit in my bag and lightweight so it could be your every day camera. Also the performance is nice when shooting steet style and street photography. The 14-42mm lens gives you the most practical view for both total body and portrait shots.

PERSONAL: Fashion …heat resistant?

the heat illustration Kevin van Diest THE VIEWFINDER

It’s not impossible to dress fashionable on normal summer days …but what about those days when the heat is extreme?

I decided to do this bit of impulsive act of hitting the street on a awfully hot day. And yes it was awful! As expected the heat kinda killed the fashion on the streets. In short: It seemed like only flip flops, shorts and dresses could stand the heat. So for me these hot days are a no-go, staying in or just chilling somewhere with dirnks and nice company is a better way of spending time.

Personally I prefer the coolness. Now with the heat I’m looking at my closet …those nice pieces I bought but I can not wear them without sweating my socks off. So I’m looking forward to cooler days so I can fit those new pieces and spot some nice street style again!