New York streets: Helmets on bicycle

helmets bicycle new york streets | ©THE-VIEWFINDER-6803-title

One thing that I noticed ..something I don’t see in Amsterdam is the use of helmets on bicycles in New York. By that I don’t mean fashionable ones but the real deal. I do have to say that it’s New York we’re talking about so it’s kinda logical because of the traffic ….I’ve seen it, cycling on those streets could be quite the challenge!

Street moments: Business people, New York

business call new york sreet | THE VIEWFINDER-6694

“the elite ….at least they think”

One of the typical things of New York are businessmen (phoning businessmen) …and to be honest I really dislike them. Why? Well because they think they rule/ own the streets so everyone has to get out of their way when they’re walking there, or they make you get out of their way. There was this moment that a businessman literally pushed me away while I was taking a picture, so he could get through with his luggage (and believe me their was enough space).