Street style: Layered with holster, New York

THE VIEWFINDER holster menswear new york

This guy was great to shoot. I spotted him from behind as you see here above and that holster really stood out. So when I approached him and told him about THE VIEWFINDER he was really enthusiastic, which you can see in the photos down below. Such a great style and good personality. A good example of inspirational menswear.

THE VIEWFINDER-menswear layered new york THE VIEWFINDER street style new york men

Street style: Dress & sneakers, New York

THE VIEWFINDER dress sneakers

A female look I personally really like is a basic black dress with sneakers. It has that feminine appearance with a healthy and sporty touch. During my stay in New York I saw this kind of look quite often (also a few disasters!)

Street style: Typografic cardigan, New York

THE VIEWFINDER typographic cardigan

Such a great look …spotted at Union Square New York. She immediately caught my eye because of the typographic cardigan combined with the slim fit top and pants. Not to mention the leather straps of her backpack. Apparently she’s a model, no wonder she was so comfortable posing for me ….and she was friendly too.

typografic cardigan new york women THE VIEWFINDER-9586


Street style: Corset & cardigan, New York

corset cardigan THE-VIEWFINDER copy

corset cardigan street style new york THE VIEWFINDER

“New York isn’t that beautiful as they make it appear…”

Such a friendly young lady, doing her study work at Starbucks. I happen to sit across her and started a small chat about her style and within a few minutes she, my wife and I we having a nice conversation about New York, its way of life and being here as a tourist.

She told us a summery of her life here in New York and it was nice hearing her honest opinion about the city that never sleeps. For instance that New York isn’t that beautiful when it’s covered with snow. “Yes the postcards only show the nice spots with snow, but the most of the snow is dirty brown/ black because of the traffic. People dress themselves quite poor and the wind can be quite harsh.”

Street style: Sporty chic look, New York

sporty chic look new york street style THE VIEWFINDER

Here I captured a nice example of the sporty chic looks that I spotted frequently on the streets of New York. You may think she just got out of the gym, but this is here look of that day accompanied with that large chic leather handbag. This isn’t something I see in Amsterdam ….at least not this way.

Street style: Red & blue menswear, New York

red blue menswear new york THE-VIEWFINDER

During my visit in New York I noticed that a lot of menswear I spotted on the streets did not have any real colour in it. Mostly they wore grey or black/ white. So when I saw this guy wearing red and blue (and that yellow phone cover) I took a quick snap.