Street style: Chic retro-ish menswear, Utrecht

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I decided to see if there was any fashion in Utrecht …I had quite some doubts about going to Utrecht, so my wife suggested to accompany her on her way to a business meeting she had to attend to in Utrecht. And the moment I arrived in Utrecht I felt like I wasn’t going to find any fashion here ….and unfortunately I was right. Utrecht really is a downer for me.

Just when I decided to stop looking for street style I spotted this guy with his chic retro-ish look. So luckily there was one person I could photograph before going home that day.

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Street style: Fashionista with balloons, Amsterdam

fashionista with balloons street style amsterdam fashion women | ©THE VIEWFINDER-6946 title

“Yes, if you can do it right here”

Saw this women from a distance cycling with these balloons that says ‘ 30’ which kinda matched with her look. So I really ran after her and I was glad to see her stopping at this house at the canals so there was my chance to shoot her. She was in hurry because she had to prepare for someone’s birthday,  but was kind enough to pose for me.

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